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Are Cloud Services Secure

Are Cloud Services Secure? Cloud computing is a frequently used technology and has its associated uses as well as risks. Much has been said about the security issues that are linked with cloud computing. This has led many to ask the question: Are cloud services secure? By definition, cloud computing security is the collection of […]

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Introducing Amazon Macie for S3

Recent security breaches associated with misconfiguration of Amazon S3 have resulted in massive and damaging data leaks. Voter registration details, financial information at Dow Jones and customer data from Verizon have all been exposed due to poor configuration of Amazon S3 settings. To combat this growing trend, Amazon this week announced a new security service […]

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AWS Well Architected Security

The Five Pillars of the Well-Architected Framework Creating a software system is a lot like constructing a building. If the foundation is not solid structural problems could undermine the integrity and function of the building. When architecting technology solutions, if you neglect the five pillars of security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimisation, and operational excellence […]

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