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Application Security



We help businesses build, run and maintain applications with end-to-end, secure development and operations. With our services, your staff will be able to accelerate application release cycles while improving security across your entire operational environment.


Our Application Security Services include:


DATA SECURITY & PRIVACY: We perform efficient data classification and data discovery while helping your organisation define the right data handling processes. Our approach is specifically tailored to your regulatory landscape and designed to help you prevent data loss and protect data at rest, in transit and in use.

API SECURITY: Moving to the cloud and implementing digital programs means relying on third party application services to compose your business applications. Our API security services help you secure today’s increasingly complex application services landscape, allowing your organisation to keep its focus on running your business.

SECURE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT: We integrate security in the application development lifecycle from day one and offer remediation services for your existing applications to help you manage threats. With our infrastructure-as-code models – and devops techniques, tools and processes – security can meet the pace of development and accelerate the release of applications that are ready to thwart attacks.