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CISSP (8 Domain)
Certified Information Systems Security Professional


CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional)







CISSP Course Syllabus: Chapter 1:  Security and Risk Management
Chapter 2: Asset Security
Chapter 3:  Security Engineering
Chapter 4:  Communications and Network Security
Chapter 5:  Identity and Access Management
Chapter 6:  Security Assessment and Testing
Chapter 7:  Security Operations
Chapter 8:  Software Development Security


EXAM SPECIFICS 250 Questions (25 are “beta” and are not graded)
6 hours to complete the exam
You can mark questions for review
You will be provided with 1“wipe” board 8×11 and a pen. materials. You will also have access to an on-screen calculator.
Many test centers provide earplugs or noise cancelling head phones. Call your center ahead of time to verify
Questions are weighted (Remember…security transcends technology)


Your Role is a Risk Advisor
Do NOT fix Problems
Who is responsible for security?
How much security is enough?
All decisions start with risk management. Risk management starts with Identifying/Valuating your assets.
“Security Transcends Technology”
Physical safety is always the first choice
Technical Questions are for Managers. Management questions are for technicians
Incorporate security into the design, as opposed to adding it on later
Layered Defense!

  • Chapter 1: Security and risk management along with disaster recovery and business continuity. Most testable chapter!
  • Chapter 2: Asset security. Short chapter on classifying data and its various states.
  • Chapter 3: Security engineering. Architecture and design, security models, cryptography, security protocols and PKI. Very testable!
  • Chapter 4: Communications and network security. Layers and threats.
  • Chapter 5: Identity and access management. Authentication protocols and Kerberos.
  • Chapter 6: Security assessment and testing. Vulnerability and penetration testing.
  • Chapter 7: Security operations. Redundancy, clustering, RAID.
  • Chapter 8: Software development security. Secure software design, databases.